Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Quick American Idol Thought

It took my a few seasons to think that American Idol was anything but lame, now I won't miss it. I'd buy both Bo's and Carries albums without hesitation. I think that this years group brought legitimacy to the whole idea of the show in general. Anyone who disagrees should probably get off their whole corporate entertainment is evil high horse for a minute and actually listen to this years performers. Don't get me wrong, I like indie bands but I also recognize that talent is talent, no matter how it is discovered.

Filibusters & Nuclear Options

Who are the bigger babies here. Is it the Democraps(a bit immature, I realize) because they lost all majority power and have decided to ignore what the American people said they wanted through their votes. Or is it the Repoopicans(there I go again, lol) who do not like that the Presidents nominations are being held up, so they now want to eliminate an age old policy by changing the constitution. Like it or not the filibuster is part of our current political system. It's use, of course, brings no progress at all what so ever just as that current political system. Don't be fooled this is nothing more than a political power play by BOTH sides. Why initiate discussion when you can hold your breath and cross your arms like my 6 year old when he doesn't want to go to bed at night.

Monday, May 16, 2005

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized

State Secret: Thousands Secretly Sterilized
N.C. Woman Among 65,000 Sterilized by Gov't., Often Without Their Knowledge, in 20th Century
WINDFALL, N.C., May 15, 2005 — Beneath the surface of this Southern town, with its lush evergreens and winding riverbanks, is a largely forgotten legacy of pain, secrecy and human indignity.
"My heart still bleeds, and it will forever bleed, because of what had happened to me," local resident Elaine Riddick said....more
What a shame, personally I'd like to see this poor woman and the others that had this happen get everything they can.

Thanks News"weak"

Newsweek says Koran desecration report is wrong

By David Morgan
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Newsweek magazine said on Sunday it erred in a May 9 report that U.S. interrogators desecrated the Koran at Guantanamo Bay, and apologized to the victims of deadly Muslim protests sparked by the article....more
Messed up on so many different levels....First off, I guess it was actually a prisoner that tore pages out of his own Koran and flushed them, trying to flood his cell. Newsweek tried validating this story by saying that the Gonvernment investigated it and confirmed it, that I guess is what pissed the muslims off. O.K. now I'm a Christian, I hear about the Bible being disrespected and desecrated, hell, it's disrespected and desecrated right out in the open in the mainstream media all the time, and I don't see riots and murdering nor do I feel the urge to riot or murder when I see it. I have nothing against Muslims, those that follow their Koran are actually peace loving people. However, like any other group, there are those that do do bad things and claim that it is in the name of their God and that thy are doing nothing more than following the instructions in their Koran. RANT ALERTThe funny thing is, all Christians pretty much are called intolerant, Bible banging, fundamentalists, by many in our own American media, and not an eye is blinked, lately it's all in the name of politics. If you're Christian you're automatically thrown into the Right-Wing, and it works both ways, Right-Wingers love to say that good God loving people always vote Republican. Sorry but I think that Politics, Religion, and Faith are 2 very different things and should not be used to try to gain advantage for any particular politicrap cause, weather it be getting reelected to President of the United States or trying to do nothing more than get under the skin of said President of the United States.RANT OVER SORRY ABOUT THAT..... Now then, Newsweek apologized and said that they made a mistake, and they will be forgiven. People will still buy their little magazine, and in a year all will be forgotten. Of course, their apology doesn't resurrect the people that lost their lives in the riots and lets not forget the media outlets that will continue to treat this story as if an American Soldier really did flush a Koran and the Islamic fundamentalists will probably never hear the retraction/apology(nor would they probably even listen). So I guess in a nutshell: An American news magazine printed an untrue story trying to cast a negative light on the American military. Some Islamic fundamentalists used the story as yet another excuse to hate all Americans and to kill each other. Many in the American Left-Wing media will use that story to show how America is the premier evil empire with an out of control military made up of crazy Right-Wing religious cooks with no respect for the rights of others. And the Right-Wing media will use the story to show how all but Republicans hate America, and that the Newsweek story is once again proof that the only good reliable media, the only fair and balanced media is conservative media. So basically it's all like nothing ever happened.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Better Than The Original???

Some Surprises in That Galaxy Far, Far Away
By A. O. SCOTT Published: May 16, 2005

CANNES, France, May 15 - With "Episode III - Revenge of the Sith," the "Star Wars" cycle at last comes to an end - or rather to a middle, since the second trilogy, of which this is the final installment, comes before the first in faraway-galaxy history even though it comes later in the history of American popular culture. Like many others whose idea of movies was formed by (and to some extent against) the galactically later, terrestrially earlier "Star Wars" trilogy, I was disappointed by "The Phantom Menace" and "Attack of the Clones." So I approached the recent press screening of "Episode III" in New York warily, and perhaps a little wearily, though to balance my own trepidation I brought along two fans whose enthusiasm in 2005 easily matched my own in 1977, when I was a little older than they are now and when "Star Wars" - oh, all right, "Episode IV - A New Hope" - landed in my hometown....more
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------My 11 year old and I are planning on seeing this right away on Thursday. I'm actually kind of looking forward to the whole standing in a long line thing, I think it will be pretty cool for him. I have enjoyed all the Star Wars movies and am very excited about this one. My 6 year old wants to see it too, but I heard it's pretty violent. We are gonna check it out and if it's O.K. my wife is going to take him. ----richie

A Few Headlines

World's First 'Bionic' Device Fitted
By Martin Halfpenny, PA
The world’s first ‘bionic’ device to produce co-ordinated hand and arm movement will be fitted in a British hospital today, with the aim of allowing a woman to return to playing netball.
A 46-year-old hairdresser, who was left partially paralysed down her left side, will have the operation at Southampton General Hospital.......more
A National ID Card is right around the coner
It's good to know Congress had the men and women of our armed forces in mind when it passed an $82 billion supplemental appropriation to support our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. What sane politician could vote against that? However, as Congress is wont to do, there are other little caveats that got added to the bill........more
Sober Housing for Recovering Students
May 15, 2005 — Binge drinking on college campuses is nothing new, but "safe" houses for recovering student addicts are......more
Police clamp lid on details of fatal, off-duty shooting
Two months after a reported traffic encounter led to an off-duty Milwaukee police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man, details of the incident remain sketchy, frustrating those who knew the victim and raising concerns in the Latino community....more

First Post

Hi my name is Richie and this is my blog. I guess the purpose of this whole thing is to throw out my views(as well as yours) on any subject really. I am 29, I have an awesome wife, and three wonderful sons(11, 6, 18 moths). Politically I am completely independent, I feel that politics in general is a joke, and that most politicians primary goal is either to get elected or reelected, second only to serving the ideologues in their party and financial contributors, totally leaving the people that elected them in the dirt. I think that today's politicians are afraid to take any stand that differs from that of the other politicians of their party, and when they do they are pretty much ostracized. I think that there is nothing more pathetic than someone that forms their opinions to match the stance of their favorite right-wing radio host or the editorial writer in their favorite left-wing newspaper. Of course that all is just my opinion. I'm a news junkie.....well actually I'm a media junkie in general. I gotta say I spend a lot of time watching the different news channels and listening to the different radio shows during the day and it's all pretty much the same to me.....Ideological intellectually dishonest crap. I enjoy recumbent biking, music, computers, and most of all playing with my wife and kids. As far as sports, I'm a huge wrestling fan(yes, I do consider it a sport), I also like football and baseball(my wife made me sign a contract in blood that I'd be a Brewers fan before she married me). T.V. wise I watch Scrubs, SVU, Without A Trace, Boston Legal, The Office, Committed, American Idol, and SNL all pretty religiously. My wife has also gotten me into some of the crime shows on A&E and Court T.V. recently. I'm also stuck watching whatever "What bachloerette wants to marry my average joe millionaire father" reality show of the month that's on, as my wife loves reality T.V. I've been pretty active on the internet since 1998 but I am pretty new to blogging. I figured it would be pretty cool to get into because it seems like it's a pretty independent media and is free from the whole corporate and political news crap that you read in the papers, listen to on the radio, or watch on T.V. I hope to update pretty regularly I guess that's it for now, hopefully someone reads this......LOL